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Which CPAP mask are right for you?

Many CPAP masks choices to be had

Steady certain airway power (CPAP) mask and headgear come in numerous shapes and sizes to conveniently deal with sleep apnea.

There are a number of CPAP mask to be had to seek out the most efficient have compatibility for you. Everybody has other wishes, personal tastes and face form. You could want to take a look at other masks types ahead of you in finding person who works right for you.

Correct sizing is necessary for the reason that proper have compatibility provides to convenience and function. And sizes would possibly range throughout types and types. For instance, if you are taking a measurement small in a single kind, it does not imply you’ll be able to desire a small in a distinct logo. You could want to take a look at on a number of shapes and sizes to seek out one that is the maximum comfy and works smartly for you.

Here is a have a look at a couple of CPAP masks types and a few imaginable advantages of each and every. Paintings along with your well being care supplier and your CPAP masks provider. They may be able to allow you to discover a masks that fits your wishes and suits you correctly.

Photo of CPAP masks

Nasal pillow masks

Nasal pillows have compatibility on the nostrils to provide air power. A majority of these mask may well be just right if:

  • You’re feeling claustrophobic in mask that duvet extra of your face.
  • You need a complete sight view for studying or staring at TV.
  • You need to put on your glasses.
  • You could have facial hair that interferes with different mask.
Photo of CPAP masks with nasal pillows and side straps

Nasal mask

Nasal mask duvet the nostril to provide air power. Those mask may well be just right if:

  • Your physician has prescribed a prime air power environment.
  • You progress round so much to your sleep.
Photos of nasal CPAP masks

Complete-face mask, also referred to as oronasal mask

Complete face mask duvet the nostril and mouth to provide air power. Those mask may well be a good selection if:

  • You could have nasal blockage or congestion that makes it onerous to respire via your nostril.
  • You breathe via your mouth at evening regardless of a month of making an attempt a nasal masks or nasal pillow. A nasal masks or nasal pillow are most often blended with a heated humidity function, a chin strap or each to stay your mouth closed.
Photos of full-face CPAP masks that cover nose and mouth

Oral masks, referred to as a hybrid masks

A hybrid masks delivers air power in the course of the mouth. Those mask may well be best for you if:

  • You breathe via your mouth.
  • You put on eyeglasses.
Photo of hybrid CPAP mask that has nasal pillows and covers the mouth
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